ICE Caps

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Rescue Detox ICE Capsules

Rescue Ice Caps is our strongest temporary detox product.  We took one of our large cleansing drinks and made into 12 capsules.  Rescue Ice Caps will make your blood and urine appear clean for at least 5 hours in order to pass any on the spot test or a more in depth laboratory test.  Rescue Ice caps require about 60-90 minutes to become effective depending on several factors including metabolism and body weight.  Simply take the ice caps on an empty stomach 90 minutes before your drug test.  Drink the required amount of water that the package calls for and then urinate at least 4 times to ensure that all of the toxins have exited your body.  Once you have urinated 4 times your clean window of time will begin and last for a minimum of 5 hours.
  • Instant ICE liquid in capsule form
  • 12 super strength ICE capsules
  • Neutralize stronger toxins
  • Works in 90 minutes for 5 hours
  • Intended for people over 200lbs. or high to extreme toxin levels

How to Use